Pupil Voice responses  "Sometimes  I get things wrong and do an action point." Favour   "When I get hurt my friends help me. " Alex    "Happy at school, because I have so much fun." Bolanle  "Because Miss is giving me targets I'm getting better." Hasim   "Marking helps me understand what to improve on." Caitlin  "

ATTENDANCE                                                                          PUNCTUALITY                    

Week ending     14.02.2015.                                                    Week ending 14.02.2015.

1st Year 1 97.3%                                                                                             Position  Year     Number of late marks
2nd Year 4 96.9%     1st 3 2
3rd Reception Class 96.7%     2nd 1 3
4th Year 3 96.3%     3rd  5    4
5th Year 5 95.3%     4th 6 5
6th Year 2 94%     5th 2 9
7th Nursery Class 89.5%     6th 4 10
8th Year 6 89%     TOTAL LATE MARKS   33

Congratulations Year 1!











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